We are more than happy to announce an exclusive cooperation with AAOO concerts.

We are constantly adding new lives dates for 2017. Check out the tour section for all upcoming shows.
We just released our concert in the Stadthalle Vienna on Bluray. Grab your copy of "TribU2 Live In Vienna 2015" right now on Amazon.
On June 10th 2016 we will, once again, play an exclusive concert in the Orpheum Vienna based on the current U2 tour.

Gernot Schödl
Tel.: +43 664 81 79 881
Email: info@tribu2.at

AAOO Concerts
Tel.: +49 9428 94 76 376
Fax: +49 9428 94 76 377
Email: info@aaoo-concerts.de
Norbert Stitz
Tel.: +43 699 147 740 11